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26 Hot topic

40 Lessons from the UK

48 A day in the life

Former Justice Carolyn Simpson looks back on her career with a message for aspiring lawyers

Julie McCrossin investigates the lessons for Australia from the UK’s review of cuts to the nation’s legal services

Former Justice Annabelle Bennett tells Jane Southward about her post-bench priorities, including her new government role

28 In focus

44 Careers

51 Career coach

Why Australia’s consumer laws aren’t adequately protecting Australians who buy digital products

Bad news for a colleague? How to give negative feedback with a positive result, plus the power of two-way mentoring

Fiona Craig o’ers some sound advice on why how you feel on Mondays can signal whether it’s time for a change

30 Cover story

46 Psyche

54 Health

Kate Allman reports on how Australian courts are dealing with the use of emojis as a form of communication at work and play 36 Workingwith the Rohingya Sydney lawyer Michelle Sanson reports from Bangladesh

Why humility is a skill worth developing – and how to find the confidence to be a humble leader

The surprising benefits of fibre for managing inflammation, cholesterol and more

58 Travel

The best of San Diego, plus a winter wonderland worth your time

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